Beat the kick

People with a mild intellectual disability can become addicted to things like alcohol and drugs, or the internet and video games. How can we motivate them to change their addictive behaviour?


English version of Beat the Kick

We are proud to present Beat the Kick, a new training in English to motivate people with mild to borderline intellectual disability and addiction problems to change their behaviour.


Here you will find an overview of several scientific publications related to Beat the Kick.

Other products

Co-creation between science and practice in recent years has led to the development of many products, methods and trainings under the supervision of Professor Petri Embregts. This co-creation is reflected in both the sound scientific and theoretical foundation of the products, and in their direct applicability to daily practice. Good examples of this interaction, in which practice and science reinforce each other, include Spotlight on Support Staff (Dutch: Begeleiders in Beeld) and Beat the Kick. Both interventions were among the first to be judged ‘effective’ and ‘theoretically well substantiated’ by the Long-Term Care Accreditation Committee in the Netherlands. In addition, the book Shared in Silence (Dutch: Gezegd of Gezwegen), a handbook about diagnosing sexual abuse of and by people with disabilities, was also developed in close collaboration between science and practice. For more information about these products, methods or trainings, click on a logo below.