About beat the Kick

Beat the Kick was developed to solve this problem. This training works with people who have a mild intellectual disability or who function on a borderline level of intellectual functioning, and who: a) are addicted to substances, gaming or the internet; or b) experience serious problems because of their excessive use (abuse) of one of these things. Beat the Kick helps to facilitate autonomous motivation for behavioural change.

Beat the Kick was developed by the Academic Collaborative Center for Living with an Intellectual Disability (Tranzo, Tilburg University, the Netherlands), under the supervision of Professor Petri Embregts, and in close collaboration with Dichterbij, an organisation that helps people with an intellectual disability in the Netherlands.

This website contains more information about Beat the Kick and the scientific research that confirms its efficacy. The accompanying worksheets and a PowerPoint presentation for a clinical lesson can be found on the Downloads page. If you would like more information about purchasing a trainer’s manual, go to the Contact page.