The training

The Beat the Kick training

Beat the Kick consists of ten sessions, during which clients fill in various worksheets. The worksheets can be found on the Downloads page. When relevant, these worksheets are adapted for specific forms of addiction. The Downloads page also contains a PowerPoint presentation for a clinical lesson.


Prior to the training : the clinical lesson

The client’s social environment plays an important role in facilitating autonomous motivation for behavioural change. This is especially important for professionals within the client’s social environment. It is therefore recommended that those professionals receive more information about addiction and the content of the training prior to the first session. We have made a PowerPoint presentation for a specially developed clinical lesson, which can be taught by a Beat the Kick trainer. It can be found on the
Downloads page.


Structure of the training programme

Beat the Kick consists of ten sessions of 45 to 60 minutes each. Each session is designed according to a fixed structure: The trainer begins by recapping the previous session and discussing the homework. The trainer and client then discuss and practise new theory. Sessions end with a summary and a homework assignment for the next session.

In de trainershandleiding zijn twee bijlagen opgenomen. Daarin staat beschreven hoe de training geschikt gemaakt kan worden voor jongeren (bijlage 1) en groepen (bijlage 2).