Various treatment programmes are used to motivate people with an addiction towards behavioural change. Unfortunately, most of them do not address the specific training needs of people with a mild intellectual disability.

Beat the Kick is a training to motivate people with a mild intellectual disability and addiction problems to change their behaviour.

The Beat the Kick training was developed to fill that gap. It targets people who have a mild intellectual disability or who function on a borderline level of intellectual functioning who:
a) are addicted to substances, gaming or the internet; or
b) experience serious problems because of their excessive use (abuse) of one of these things.

This training aims to transform controlled motivation into autonomous motivation, as laid out in Self-Determination Theory. Controlled motivation is when people do something because of external consequences (e.g. punishment, reward) or because they feel external or internal pressure (e.g. guilt, fear, pride). Beat the Kick teaches clients to develop autonomous motivation: to do something (e.g. reduce drug use) because they personally find it valuable or interesting to do so.